Busy Egg-Laying Season!!

The last few weeks have been very busy with both the climax of the egg-laying season and the climax of field research as well. I will share a little of both in this entry! This Spotted Python laid her clutch on 14 May 2016. All of my incubators are full so I opted to allow this female to...

Albino Ball Python

Spotted Yearling Pair and Pastel Female Balls!

2015 Female Spotted Python #15SP206. $79.95 Plus Shipping. 2015 Male Spotted Python #15SP205. $74.95. Take the sexed pair for $140.00 Plus Shipping. 2015 Female Pastel #15SNPF01. $64.95 Plus Shipping. Rat Eater! 2015 Female Pastel #JM1520. $64.95 Plus Shipping. Rat Eater! 2015 Female...

Kenyan Sand Boa

Snakes For Sale With Updated Pictures!

Green Tree Python #15GTP01. $499.95 Plus Shipping. Green Tree Python #15GTP02. $499.95 Plus Shipping. 2015 Male Children's Pythons are $64.95 each plus shipping. On the left is #15CP07 and on the right is #215CP10. This sexed pair of 2015 Spotted Pythons is $130.00 plus shipping. On the...

Albino Ball Python

Antaresia Availability!

2015 was a great year for Children's and Spotted Pythons and I was able to update pictures on all my specimens today. All of these snakes are perfect feeders that never refuse to eat and they are all ready for sale. Below you will see Children's Pythons, Spotted Pythons, and Granite Spotted...

Children's Python

Snakes Available!

#15GTP02 Yellow, and #15GTP07 Red. $484.95 EACH Plus Shipping. Walsh X Walder Line From 1st Captive GTP Pairing. Photo taken the day they arrived and they have had many meals since! 2015 Male Children's Python #15CP13. $64.95 Plus Shipping. I have at least 9 of these for sale now. 2015...

Butter Ball Python

Spotted Python 2015 Clutch #2.

2015 Spotted Python Clutch #2 Laid 8 May. This girl laid more eggs than she could coil around. These eggs were set up for artificial incubation and are doing well. The orange ball in the right corner is an unfertilized egg, which we refer to as...

Spotted Python

Spotted And Ball Python Yearlings FOR SALE!!

The photos below were taken today! Super Banded Albino Male #14GB02. $349.95 Plus Shipping. Paradox Line. Super Banded Albino Male #14GB04. $349.95 Plus Shipping. Paradox Line. Banded Albino Male #14BA02. $275.00 Plus Shipping. Paradox Line. Female Super Banded Albino #AB1409. $150.00 Plus...

Ball Pythons

Eggs Laid!!

 Spotted Python Clutch Laid 23 March 2015. Children's Python Clutch Laid 20 March 2015. Woma Clutch Laid 23 March...

Children's Python