Ball Python Clutches #1215 and #1415 Hatched!

Above is 2015 Ball Python Clutch #1215 Hatched 28 June. The babies are all Banded and 100% Double Het For Jolliff Line Snow. The Sire was a Banded Axanthic and the Dam was a Banded Albino.These are from my Paradox-Producing line. Each baby is a het for albino and a het for axanthic. Clutch...

Albino Banded Ball Python

Paradox! Clutch #1015 Hatch 23 June 2015.

The first snake to pip in this clutch was the one above. Pastel Pinstripe at minimum! He Soon emerged and I thought he looked great! Then This Hatched. A Paradox Pastel Pinstripe Perhaps even a Super Pastel Pinstripe Paradox! Then on 23 June 2015 the entire clutch hatched. Note...

Paradox Ball Python

Children’s Python Maternally Incubated Clutch!

This clutch hatched on 22 June 2015. I discovered the female on her clutch on 27 April 2015, but she may have laid a day or even two earlier. These eggs took much longer to hatch then those I incubate artificially. The babies look great, and I wonder if they will feed right off the bat. Check...

Children's Python

Ball Python Clutch#915.

Super Banded Albino Peering out for the first time. A Banded Het Albino Male that pipped first. All 3 of these babies are males. Clutch #915 Hatched 21 June 2015. Super Banded Albino X Het Albino. Both breeders from my Paradox-producing...

Albino Ball Python

Ball Python Clutch #715 and #815!

Two Albino Super Banded Possible Het Snows From Paradox Line just as they hatched in Clutch #815. The only non-albino in clutch #815. An Albino Super Banded Possible Het Snow just out of a clutch #815 egg! A Female Albino Banded Possible Het Snow moments after hatching from...

Albino Ball Python

Lavender Albino Clutch #515 Hatched!

A beautiful Lavender Albino Ball Python Pipping from its egg. 100% Het Lavender Albino with vermiculite stuck to his nose. The Sire of this clutch was a visual Lavender Albino so all of the normal looking babies are 100% het for Lavender. Once the little snakes came all the way out of...

Ball Pythons

Paradox Albino Clutch and More!

Ball Clutch #515 Hatched 12 June 2015. Albino Super Banded Poss Het Snow X Het Albino. Ball Python Clutch #21115 Laid 12 JUne 2015. Paradox Albino Banded Pos Het Snow X Albino Super Banded Pos Het Snow. 6 Eggs. Breeding of Clutch above that took place on 2 January...

Albino Ball Python

Ball Clutch #215.

Ball Python Clutch #215 hatched 2 June 2015. Albino Super Banded X Het Albino. Here is the only male Albino in the clutch as he pipped. This snake was sold before I could take the entire clutch photo, so the two Albinos in that picture are both females. Close-up of a female Albino Banded...

Albino Ball Python