Albino Super Genetic Banded Clutch.

Ball Python Clutch #1517 Hatched 22 July 2015. Albino Super Banded X Albino Banded. I continue to refine this line and each new generation produces specimens that are more reduced patterned than the last. By the time this male breeds his babies will not have any lateral banding at all. I...

Albino Ball Python

Coral Glow, Pied, And Hog Island Boas!

Clutch 15BPC16 Hatched 19 July 2015. Coral Glow 100% Het Pied X Het Pied. Here is a female Pied from the clutch that has already been sold. Another Female Pied still for sale. All the Coral Glows are males. This Litter of 13 Hog Island Boas was born on 17 July 2015. A few pairs have...

Coral Glow Het Pied

Boas and Ball Python Update!

  This litter of Kahl Albino Boas has been feeding since 30 June. I still have 3 of them left for sale, so ask if interested. This litter of Dumeril's Boas was born 12 July 2015. 2.2 are still available and being sold by the sexed pair only. This little Ivory Ball Python hatched 2...

Albino Boas