Antaresia Availability!

2015 was a great year for Children's and Spotted Pythons and I was able to update pictures on all my specimens today. All of these snakes are perfect feeders that never refuse to eat and they are all ready for sale. Below you will see Children's Pythons, Spotted Pythons, and Granite Spotted...

Children's Python

Python Breeding Update And Colubrid Bonus.

Albino Carpet Python Courtship on 14 November 2015. Coral Glow Het Pied Breeding A Pied on 22 November 2015. A Breeding Pair of Banded Double Het Albino Pieds 22 November 2015. Yellowbelly Male Breeds Ivory Female 22 November 2015. Pastel Pinstripe Granite Breeds Super Pastel(Bell...

Albino Ball Python

Colubrid Collage!

My sexed pair of Albino Nelson's Milk Snakes are looking great and should breed this spring. Above is a locality specific Black Rat Snake morph from Jefferson County, Kentucky from my Dixie Dumplin' Line. This is the base morph used to make the Lemon morph. This is an Albino Lemon...

Albino Lemon Rat Snake

Breeding Season Begins!!

This pair of Woma Pythons were the first of my snakes to breed this season. The female in the lower cage is waiting for her turn! I am hoping for some nice Woma Pythons this season! This pair of Butters were observed breeding on 10 November 2015. The local breeder of this line suspected that...

Ball Pythons

November Update.

My Super Genetic Banded Paradox Albino Male is doing GREAT!  The sexed pair of Super Banded Albino Pieds have shed and taken their first meals. The Super Form from my Red Line JCP is doing GREAT! My available pages are updated and many snakes are now posted for sale. Now that November is...

Albino Banded Ball Python