Eggs And Metal, Metal And Eggs!!


On 28 March 2015 I discovered this Ball Python on eggs. This is Ball Python Clutch #115 and is the result of pairing a Coral Glow 100% Het Pied to a Normal. There were 9 viable eggs and 2 slugs. Half of the babies should be Coral Glow and half of the babies should be normal. Of the Coral Glows, half will be het for Pied. Same goes for the normals.

While this snake was depositing her eggs Phil and I were out making new study sites in the field.


It was exciting to lay our materials in a place where no reptile or amphibian records have ever been collected. This means that every specimen will be a new record for the State Database.


A mix of metal and boards were deployed in upland openings surrounded by forest.


Stacks of smaller metal pieces were set out along sunny wood lines in an effort to attract and document smaller woodland snakes and perhaps other species such as Milk Snakes.

webRedbellyHart21March20152 webwebRedbellyHart21March20151

My first snake of the year was the Red Bellied Snake pictured twice above…can’t figure out which picture I like best!

It will be around 57 days before the eggs hatch and perhaps just as long before our cover yields results, so check back for details! Will

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