Egg-Laying Continues!!

webBallClutch#615AlbinoTigerXBandedHetAlbino13April2015Ball Python Clutch #615 Albino Super Banded X Banded Het Albino Laid 13 April 2015. This snake thinks her waterbowl is part of her clutch and she is trying to incubate it!(LOL)

webBallClutch#515LavXHetLavLaid13April2015Ball Python Clutch #515 Lavender Albino X Het Lavender Albino Laid 13 April 2015.

webJeffersonsSalamanderHart12April15A Jefferson’s Salamander found under metal.

webBlackKingEdmonson12Apr20152Girthy Female Black Kingsnake.

webKingInSituEdmonson12Apr15In-Situ Black Kingsnake recently emerged from winter quarters.


A very black nigra that was still fairly small.


A Grayson county Black Kingsnake.


Very Attractive Prairie Kingsnake.

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