75% Diamond Jungle X Genetic Striped Jaguar Clutch!


I hatched both of the snakes above and a friend of mine raised them from babies and bred them this year. He also took that picture with his cell phone, so that is why it looks the way it does. What we have here is a male 75% Diamond Jungle Cross from Python Pete Lines Bred to a Genetic Striped Jaguar from my original Paul Harris line imported from Europe back in 2006.


A 75% Diamond Jungle Genetic Striped Jaguar Sibling!


     I got these eggs the day they were laid and incubated them. We had a 100% hatch rate. There are over 20 babies in this clutch, which hatched on 20 June 2015. We are going to be holding back several of the snakes from this clutch to be raised for future breeders. I think this is a pretty great project with animals from killer lines that you just do not see for sale any more. I suspect we will be offering about 15 babies from this clutch up for sale. As they shed and begin to feed I will post pictures and prices. Thanks! Will

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