Ball Python Clutches #1215 and #1415 Hatched!


Above is 2015 Ball Python Clutch #1215 Hatched 28 June. The babies are all Banded and 100% Double Het For Jolliff Line Snow. The Sire was a Banded Axanthic and the Dam was a Banded Albino.These are from my Paradox-Producing line. Each baby is a het for albino and a het for axanthic.


Clutch #1415 Hatched 26 June 2015. This is the result of breeding a Super Banded 100% Het Albino to a Banded 100% Het Albino, both from Paradox-Producing line. I was surprised to not see Albinos in this clutch, but I did get the best Super Banded I have ever hatched, pictured below:


The above snake sold less than one day after he hatched. Killer Super Banded!


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