Ready-Made Coral Glow Pied Projects.


Above is Male Coral Glow 50% Het Pied #151602. Below is Male Coral Glow 50% Possible Het Pied #151603. Both snakes are $375.00 each plus shipping. You can get an even better deal if you pair them up with some of the snakes pictured below!



Pictured above is Female 100% Het Pied #31501 and below is Female 100% Het Pied #1155. They are $114.95 each plus shipping. Pair either of these girls with either of the Coral Glows posted above for $470.00 plus shipping per sexed pair. Or take either Coral Glows with both female het pieds for $560.00 plus shipping for the trio.






The snake pictured directly above this text is Male 100% Het Pied #31502. He is $62.95 plus shipping. Pair him with either of the 100% Het Pied Females listed above him and pay $149.95 plus shipping per sexed pair. Take this male het pied and both het pied females for $240.00 plus shipping for the 1.2 trio.

Also, if you buy a Coral Glow 50% Het Pied and both female 100% Het Pieds you can include this male het pied above for free with the purchase so that you will be able to produce visual Pieds even if the Croal Glow male does not prove out!


The snake above is a Female visual Genetic Banded 50% Possible Het Pied #1151. She is $114.95 plus shipping. Take her and the 100% Het Pied Male for $149.95 plus shipping. Pair her with either of the male Coral Glow possible het Pieds for $470.00 plus shipping. I am also willing to add her for a discount to any other combo you can come up with.

     The prices for all of the snakes and combos I listed above are valid when snakes are paid for in full. I can ship anywhere in the US during this time of year, but the week of Christmas and the week after will be weeks when I am unable to ship. With so many different combo possibilities it will be difficult for me to work payment plans, but if this is what you want then let me know and I will do the best I can to work something out with you. Thanks, and message or e-mail me with any questions! Will


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