Early February Python Breeding!


Above is a High Contrast Queensland Tiger Carpet that was bred by one of my Albino Carpets and is now visibly gravid and hugging her water bowl as gravid snakes often do. She has not laid on her back yet, but I expect a clutch from her within 45 days or so.


A proven male Pied breeding a first time female 100% Het Pied. Not sure if this will work out, but I gave it a try on 2 February 2016.


Congo Pastel Sapphire breeding a Congo Pastel 2 February 2016. Shooting for a Super Pastel Sapphire here.


Two Genetic Banded Double Het Albino Pieds breeding on 2 February 2016. Sure would be nice to hatch out a Super Banded Albino Pied in this clutch!



Lavender Albino Breeds Het Lavender Albino 2 February 2016.

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