Busy Egg-Laying Season!!

The last few weeks have been very busy with both the climax of the egg-laying season and the climax of field research as well. I will share a little of both in this entry!


This Spotted Python laid her clutch on 14 May 2016. All of my incubators are full so I opted to allow this female to incubate her own clutch. I had success with Children’s Pythons last year and hope to do the same for the first time with this species in the 2016 season!


On 25 April I caught my adult pair of Savu Pythons copulating, so my fingers are crossed for a late season clutch from this species, which would be a first for me!


On 25 April Ball Python Clutch #1611 was laid. Coral Glow Het Pied X Het Pied Female. This pair produced Paradox Coral Glows last season which I hope to duplicate along with my first Coral Glow Pieds!


Ball Python Clutch #1612 Laid 27 April from a Super Banded Albino X Banded Het Albino. Both snakes from my Paradox line and possible het Snow.


Ball Python Clutch #1613 Laid 28 April from pairing Two visual Lavender Albinos.


Children’s Python Clutch #16CP01 Laid 29 April 2016. I decided to allow this female to incubate her clutch as well, and so far everything looks PERFECT!


Colubrids are also laying eggs. This is one of two Apricot Pueblan Milksnake clutches that were laid in late April and early May.


Ball Python CLutch #1614 Laid 30 April from breeding a Super Pastel to a Pastel Pinstripe Granite!


Ball Python Clutch #1615 laid 3 May 2016 from pairing a Blue Eyed Leucistic to a Butter.


Ball Python Clutch #1616 Laid 5 May 2016 from pairing a Pastel to an Ivory!


Ball Python Clutch #1620 Laid 12 May from pairing a Super Banded Albino X Banded Het Albino. Both snakes from Paradox Line and possible Het Snow.


Ball Python Clutch #1621 laid 12 May from pairing a Yellowbelly to an Ivory!


Carpet Clutch #1602 Hatched on 10 May from breeding an Albino Carpet to a Tiger Carpet!


Ball Python Clutch #1624 Laid 14 May by pairing a Super Banded Albino to a LIGHT Banded Het Albino. Both from Paradox and Snow lines.


Ball Python Clutch #1623 laid 14 May 2016 from pairing a Super Banded Albino to a Super Banded Albino.


Ball Python Clutch #1625 Laid 21 May from Pairing a Super Banded Albino to a Super Banded Albino.


At least 100 pictures from the field season have been posted in my Field Herping Galleries and the most over the top image is of the quintuple Timber Rattlesnake Flip Phil Peak and I made recently!

It has been an incredible year for both breeding exotic snakes and for gathering data on Native snakes. E-mail me if yoiu have any questions and THANKS for stopping by! Will

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