Hatching Season Has Arrived!!


Coral Glow Pieds are hatching. This is one of two males that hatched in my first clutch. More will hatch soon!


Very excited to hatch a new Paradox morph. This snake is a Mojave and a Butter Paradox. Butter Mojave babies are well known to hatch as Blue Eyed Luecistics and it appears that the Paradox condition prevented this baby from having the normal phenotype. Blue Eyed Luecistics did hatch in this clutch.


One of several Pastel Lavender Albinos I hatched this season. I put some effort into this project and am happy to see it paying off.


Another interesting and first time hatch for me this season was this Super Pastel Pinstripe that may also be a Granite. A multitude of random dark pinstripe marks makes me wonder if this snake is also Paradox but this is wishful thinking!(LOL) Let’s look at some clutch photos!


A small Woma Python clutch hatched 15 June 2016. They have now shed and fed. A 1.1 remain for sale from this clutch.


Pictures of pipping Womas never get old for me and I can’t resist posting new ones!


Ball Python Clutch #1601 hatched 6 June 2016. This is a Congo Super Pastel Sapphire clutch that includes the 2nd Super Pastel Congo Sapphire ever hatched. Very excited about this project and clutch!


Ball Python Clutch #1603 hatched 18 June 2016. Super Banded Albino X Banded Het Albino. Nice Super Banded Albino in clutch along with Bandeds that are 100% Het Albino!


Ball Python Clutch #1610 Hatched 19 June 2016. This clutch has Pastel Lavender Albinos, Pastels 100% Het Lavender Albinos, and a single Lavender Albino.


Ball Python Clutch #1604 hatched 16 June 2016. Super Banded Albino X Banded Het Albino. Results include Super Banded Albinos, Banded Albinos, Banded 100% Het Albino, and Super Banded Het Albino.


Ball Python Clutch #1603 hatched 16 June 2016. Super Banded Albino X Banded Het Albino with same results as the clutch above.


Ball Python Clutch #1607 hatched 26 June 2016. Both of the babies are male Yellowbellies.


Pueblan Milk Snakes are also hatching. These were the first two out but at this time I have around 10 from 2 different clutches.



Ball Python Clutch #1605 Hatched 29 June 2016. Lavender Albinos and 100% Het Lavender Albinos in this clutch. No Pastel blood in this clutch.


Ball Python Clutch #1611 hatch 27 June 2016. Coral Glow Het Pied X Het Pied. 2 Coral Glow Pieds, 4 Coral Glow Possible Het Pieds, and 2 female Het Pieds with belly markers.


Coral Glow Pied Male that my daughters named, “Uno”


Ball Python clutch #1612 hatched 30 June 2016. Super Banded Albino X Banded Het Albino.


Ball Python Clutch #1614 hatch 30 June 2016. Super Pastel X Pastel Pinstripe Granite.


Ball Python Clutch #1615 hatch 30 June 2016. Butter X Blue Eyed Luecistic. Two Blue Eye Lucys hatched along with a Paradox Butter Mojave.


A “BEL” from the clutch above before it climbed out from the egg. This season has been very exciting and very busy. I will attempt to post future updates more rapidly. Thanks and do not hesitate to e-mail me with any questions. Will



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