New Combo Morph First Time For Sale!!

The new combo morph of Ball Python featured in this blog is a visual triple gene combo with two added bonus genetic possibilities. Every snake pictured is a visual Genetic Banded, a visual Albino, and a visual Lavender Albino. Every snake has a slight chance of being het for Jolliff Snow(Axanthic) and is also from my Paradox-Producing Parents/Bloodline.

weblavbandalbfemale162306sep16Above is a Female Lavender Albino Genetic Banded Albino #162306. She is $575.00 Plus Shipping and can be paired with any male in this post so that the sexed pair is $1099.95 Shipped.


Above is a Male Lavender Albino Genetic Banded Albino #162307. He is $575.00 Plus Shipping and can be paired with any female in this post so that the sexed pair is $1099.95 Shipped.So that is the deal on price and it is the same for all the snakes pictured so I will not mention it again, but will instead offer other meaningful information as we scroll down!


Above is a Male Lavender Albino Genetic Banded Albino #162304. Notice no alien head marks which show this is Banded. All of these are also clearly Albino. But how do we know they are also Lavender Albinos?


Above is a Male Lavender Albino Genetic Banded Albino #162301. Adult Lavender Albinos are known for their purple coloration but this is not present on the babies when they hatch. By the way, the male above appears to be a Super Banded Albino Lavender Albino.


Above is a Male Lavender Albino Genetic Banded Albino #162302. Baby Lavender Albinos are known to have, “white shimmering outlines” around their yellow blotches especially along the sides near the belly. These markings are clearly visible on the snake above along the sides near the belly at the top of the photo near the third bend in the snakes body. Scroll above and you will see that the other snakes have these markings as well.


Above is a Female Lavender Albino Genetic Banded Albino #162308. The, “shimmer” markings are visible on this snake around the yellow blotches near the belly on the front right of the photo. I have to admit that these markings are hard to capture with a camera, but so is the adult purple coloration and if you research this topic you will see many people complaining that it is very difficult to capture the real beauty of these snakes even when they are adults.


Above is a Male Lavender Albino Genetic Banded Albino #162303. There is risk associated with this project, but with that risk comes a possible reward!

     It has taken me many years to finally produce my first clutch of these snakes. I am confident that they are visual Banded, visual Albino, and visual Lavender Albino. Nobody knows what they will look like as adults though, because to my knowledge this is the first time this triple gene combo has been produced. Many questions remain unanswered that will only be answered with time as these snakes develop and grow into adults. That is where risk and reward come into play.

     When it comes to Pattern, I have documented repeatedly that the Genetic Banded Gene is a kind of co-dom gene that produces a super form when Bandeds are bred together. However, each passing generation produces better looking Super Forms with fewer Bands and enhanced coloration. So as far as that goes, this is a guarantee that you have from me when you buy these snakes. You are going to get excellent looking Super Banded Albinos…of this there is no doubt and is a guarantee if you can hatch eggs.

     So the real risk is how much purple and Lavender appearance that these snakes are going to show visually as adults. I do not have the answer to that yet. Also, there is a chance that over generations the Lavender will become more intense through selective breeding. That is a reward that could come with the risk you take.

     Finally, it is possible that serious work with this project could produce some Paradox specimens or even some Snows. If your interest is in making Paradox versions of these snakes then you need to include some 100% Het Albinos from my visual Banded line that are from PROVEN Paradox Producers. I also have some 100% Het Lavenders that could be used to bring out more of the Lavender coloration when bred with these.

     Sorry for the long explanation. I am sure that anyone interested in this will only have even more questions, so feel free to e-mail me with those.



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