Updated Established Colubrids And Pythons For Sale!!

webalbinocarpetmale16ac04dec162016 Male Albino Carpet Python #16AC04. $399.95 Plus Shipping. Add 100% Het Albino Females or Albino Females for a discount.

webhetalbinotigercarpetmale16cp11dec16-jpg2016 Male 100% Het Albino #16CP11 From Tiger Pairing. $125.00 Plus Shipping.

webhetalbinotigercarpetgirl16cp03dec16-jpgFemale 100% Het Albino HCQ Tiger #16CP03. $200.00 Plus Shipping. Pair With Het Male Above For $300.00 Plus Shipping. Or Pair with Albino above for $525.00 plus shipping for the pair.

There are new pictures of around ten 100% Het Albino Carpets posted in my AVAILABLE Gallery!

webalbinonelsonsmilkgirl16nm04dec16-jpgFemale Albino Nelson’s Milk Snake #16NM04. $200.00 shipped for a sexed pair when bought with the male below.

webalbinonelsonsmilkmale16nm05dec16-jpgMale Albino Nelson’s Milk Snake #16NM05. $79.95 Plus Shipping. $200.00 Shipped For A Sexed Pair.

femalevabeachkingmalevabeachkingTake the sexed pair of Virginia Beach, Virginia Eastern Chain Kingsnakes for $160.00 plus shipping. Parent pics posted in Collection Gallery!

websuperpastelcongosupersapphire2015Above is the first ever Super Pastel Congo Super Sapphire. This snake is not for sale but the snakes posted below all have the genes you need to produce your own along with other new combo morphs. The following snakes are on sale and will allow you to get in on the ground level of this new and exciting morph!

webcongopastelsapphiremale16cps008dec16Male Congo Pastel Sapphire #16CPS008. $199.95 Plus Shipping.

webcongopastelsapphiregirl16cps007dec16Female Congo Pastel Sapphire #16CPS007. $275.00 Plus Shipping. Pair her with the male above for $450.00 plus shipping for the pair!

websuperpastelcongogirl16spc014dec16websuperpastelcongogirl16spc0013dec16Female Super Pastel Congo #16SPC014 on left and #16SPC013 on right. $175.00 each Plus Shipping.

webpinsapphiregranitemale16psg002dec16webpinsapphiregranitemale16psg001dec16Male Pinstripe Sapphire Granite #16PSG002 on left and #16PSG001 on right. $150.00 each Plus Shipping.

websapphiremale16s001dec16websapphiremale16s002dec16Male Sapphire #16S001 on left and #16S002 on right. $150.00 each Plus Shipping.

webpinstripegranitegirl16p009dec16Female Pinstripe Granite #16P009. $115.00 Plus Shipping.

webalbinofemale16amt33dec16Female Albino #16AMT33. $185.00 Plus Shipping.

In addition to all of the snakes above I have new and updated pictures of many other snakes for sale posted on my site. I will continue to take new pictures of many other snakes I have for sale and will be posting them in the weeks to come, so be sure to check back often. Now that winter is here my snake hunting and Field survey work will no longer be a complication and I will have extra time to post updated photos of available snakes. I have over 300 snakes for sale right now so if you do not see it on my site just ask. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!! Will




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