You have come to a great place to buy snakes.

Thank you for visiting my website. Should you decide to buy a snake from me you will learn that what i have to provide is something that is not readily available from other people who offer snakes for sale. I am an avid snake hobbyist, but I am also a trained professional who has worked at a Zoo for many years as a reptile keeper and also served as President of our local Herp Society for just as long. I have bred and raised tens of thousands of snakes personally. I do not pay other people to care for my snakes. I water my snakes, I feed my snakes, and I clean their cages.

Every baby snake that i hatch is raised as if I was planning to keep it for one of my breeding programs. I feed my baby snakes a proper sized meal at least once a week, unlike many so-called breeders who talk about, “maintenance feeding” their animals once a month just before the reptile shows so that they will look healthy. I also provide clean water to my snakes and I personally clean every snake cage I have at least once if not twice a week. There is not a day that goes by when my hands are not covered in snake feces and I have to dig poop out from under my finger nails. I cannot stand to see my snakes in anything other than clean enclosures and I work very hard to make sure that my animals are provided the cleanest of conditions with fresh water and proper meals, even if it means that I have to be uncomfortable or if it means that I do not get to have fun and do things that i would like to do…even with my family.

I know how to properly sex snakes. I have been doing this for decades. I have sexed over 100,000 snakes. I guarantee the sex of the snakes I offer for sale. If you are tired of finding out that your snake has been mis-sexed after years of raising it for breeding, you have come to the right place.

Because I have spent decades of my life reading about snakes, keeping snakes, and studying snakes in captivity and in the wild, I know more about how to properly care for them than many of the people you will meet who offer snakes for sale. I work harder and spend more money providing for my snakes than many people who claim to be breeders.

All of my dealings are honest and fair. I have never ripped any one off on a snake deal. You can trust that I will do what i say i am going to do.

Mine is an internet business. I communicate via e-mail and Facebook. If you send me an e-mail or FB message I will reply quickly. I have a couple of college degrees, one of them in English…so I am able to write and communicate very well. Before I ever accept any money from anyone I will explain clearly what to expect and I will do exactly what I say I am going to do. I am not perfect, but if I make a mistake I will admit it to you and I will make things right.

Thanks again for visiting my site. I do not intend for the statements above to come across as arrogant, because what I have written above is just plain reality and an explanation of the way that things are. Anyone who has any experience at all doing business with animals will be very familiar with the charlatans that are out there and I am not ashamed to explain how doing business with me will be different. Even so, I am more a snake hobbyist and less a business man for sure. I donate money from every single snake that I sell to USARK, an organization dedicated to protecting our hobby. When you buy from me a small portion of your money will go to ensure that people will be allowed to keep harmless reptiles in the future.

Meet Will

I was born and raised in Kentucky by my two loving parents, Bob and Diane. As a child I spent the weekends in rural areas with my immediate family and grandparents. Whether on the old family farm or at the “Camp” on Nolin Lake, my brothers and I were usually turned loose with rifles and fishing rods to go out and have a good time. It was during these times that I began to flip stones, roll logs, and discover what was hidden underneath. As a teenager my body was poisoned by a healthy dose of testosterone. Unlike so many parents that I hear about today, mine welcomed my genuine interest in snakes and helped to foster it. I think they were wise enough to choose a house full of lizards and snakes because they saw the other alternatives that were and still are out there.

My interest in snakes soon overcame my testosterone poisoning and I left my job at the pool hall for one at a local pet store. My bosses, Jay and Tony, recognized that my interest in snakes could be utilized to generate sales in the store. We were soon making trips to The All Ohio Reptile Show and others with handfuls of blank checks! The collection at the store grew and we were breeding many species. It was during this time that I learned very much about reptile egg husbandry.

The guys at the pet store really supported me. At one point the whole store was staffed with all of my family and friends and we were living in the house that the owner grew up in! However, in 1996 I decided to go to work for The Louisville Zoo. My bosses at the Zoo gave me a lot of support too. At the Zoo I was finally able to work with venomous snakes in a safe and responsible manner. My collection grew, I was soon back in college, and my interest in discovering reptiles and amphibians in their natural state was reopened in earnest. There are a lot of young people at the Zoo and I have been able to share my interest in the natural world with them. With so many alternatives I felt it was my obligation to provide a good time that was outdoors and devoid of video games, bad music, gangs, and so many of the other fruits of modern pop culture.

With the help of the Zoo and other devoted individuals I was able to help found The Kentucky Herpetological Society. During this time I noticed that there were huge divisions within the herp community and I hoped that the forming of a herp society might bring universities, zoos, hobbyists, pet stores, law makers, and so many others together so that we could all find a common ground and begin to work together to achieve common goals. It has been difficult but together with the help of other herp hobbyists very different from myself, we have made The Kentucky Herpetological Society a success for Ten Years. These days I live, eat, breath, sleep, and dream “snakes.” After a long work day I return home and begin to care for my collection of over 500 snakes while answering e-mails dealing with Herp Society business, my own business, and answering snake related questions. On my “off” days I venture to study sites that are located all over Kentucky where my field partner, Phil Peak and I photograph herps, record data and share our findings with The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

None of this could be possible if I had never met my wife, Liz. I do not know of many women who put up with husbands who are either absent from home or at home frantically working on one of many projects. I am fortunate that she loves me, has so many interests of her own and finds pleasure in seeing me have a great time. I enjoy everything I do, but nothing beats that last hour or two of every day when Liz and I sit on the couch with our daughters Eliza and Emmeline and tell each other about our day or get into a big family wrestling match…Kentucky style!

– Will Bird

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