Prepayment is required with all orders. We accept Pay Pal (including credit cards through my PayPal Account), cash(No Fifty Dollar Bills), and money orders. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card. Money Orders must clear before the animals can be shipped. Money Orders usually take two business days. Please contact us via e-mail to be sure the animal(s) you are interested in is/are still available before sending any form of payment.

Kentucky residents must add 6% sales tax to all purchases.


The sales of all live animals are final. Live arrival insurance is available for sale by my shipper for $2.50 per $100.00 of value insured pending compliance with the terms of shipping we arrange. Any health issues must be mentioned to us within 24 hours of shipment arrival. Although we cannot warranty any live animal beyond a 24-hour period, we will do our best to help you with any health or husbandry issues that you may encounter. You assume complete responsibility for the animal from the moment you open the shipping box and verify live and healthy arrival. All of our snakes are healthy and feeding at the time of shipment and should continue to thrive for you. We will do everything we can within reason to assist you. Veterinary health certificates can be included at your request but will incur additional charges. Charges will vary depending on the quantity of testing you request.

We recommend all new additions to your collection be quarantined for a minimum of 90 days. Examinations by your own qualified reptile veterinarian within 48 hours of delivery are also advisable.

Waiting Lists

There are no waiting lists.


We do not accept deposits on animals that have not been born or hatched. We prefer deposits of no less than 50% of the total cost including shipping and we also hope to accept deposits of no less than $100.00. Any of the forms of payment mentioned above are welcome.

During The Holiday and Tax Return Seasons deposits and payment plans are more difficult and sometimes impossible to work out. During these times those who can pay in full will get first picks unless previous arrangements have been made. During this time I reserve the right to sell my animals to people who can pay for them in full. Even so, I am willing to work deals with all interested parties but need to take every sale on a case by case basis during this busy time of year. Please e-mail me if you have an interest in a snake during the Holidays and I will serve you as best I can.


Deposits will be refunded in full if we cannot provide you with the animal agreed upon. All other deposits are non-refundable but can be converted into credit towards any snake or snakes we have available as long as we hear from you within 90 days of payment. Deposits and payment plans delinquent more than 90 days will be forfeited. We understand that emergencies do arise so please stay in contact with us and we will work with you. Deposit balances may be transferred to another available animal within 90 days of the date we receive your original deposit.

Sexing Policy

With the exception of baby green tree pythons, all snakes are guaranteed to be properly sexed. All of our hatchling green tree pythons are unsexed. We will sex older Green Tree Pythons that we deem can be sexed without injury. If you require accurately sexed Green Tree Pythons it will be best to purchase older individuals.

We cannot warranty any animal against heat or cold stress, respiratory infections, spinal trauma, kinks, prolapses, the presence of mites, sudden death, or any other health issues once you verify healthy delivery. Please keep in mind that when we send your animal, it will have been thriving under our care for at least two or three months and often longer. We send out perfect and healthy animals based on every visible criterion. We are incredibly reluctant to accept responsibility for claims of ill health 25 hours or longer after delivery.

If you feel you have a legitimate claim for a pre-existing health condition, the first thing you need to do is take the animal to a qualified veterinarian. We will ask to speak with your vet. Our vet will be available to consult with you or examine the animal at your expense. Even experienced vets may not agree and occasions can arise where more than one opinion will be necessary to determine if a pre-existing health condition was present.

We will do everything we reasonably can to help you in the event of a health issue with one of our animals whether it is 49 hours or many years after delivery has been made. It is important to remain calm when addressing problematic issues and discussing possible solutions. Our goal is to resolve any problems that arise in a way that keeps all parties as content as possible.

We will provide any assistance you need in order for your animals to thrive long after purchase, but you must accept responsibility for your own husbandry abilities and the well being of your snakes. It is our goal to help you raise the young you acquire from us into breeding adults.

99% of our transactions go off without a hitch and result in very satisfied snake owners. Of course, problems can arise. We are proud of the animals produced at our facility and stand behind them. We are also proud of the many customers and friends that we make in this wonderful hobby. We cherish the hard-earned respect that we have gained through hard work and honest dealings. Knee-jerk reactions that lead to public slander campaigns on the Internet or elsewhere will not be tolerated. We will do our best to privately resolve any problem that arises and expect the same in return. Should a problem arise please remain calm and in time we will resolve our conflict. We have found that conflicts that are resolved peaceably and privately often result in strengthened business relationships.


I ship anywhere in the continental U.S. using an overnight carrier. Delivery is made to the home or work address you specify by 10:30 a.m. unless otherwise arranged. Saturday and Sunday deliveries are not available. The cost of overnight shipping is determined by the size and weight of the box, the zip code where the box is being sent, whether you buy insurance for guaranteed live arrival, and the method of payment you choose to use. Live arrival is guaranteed only if you pay for the insurance and are present to accept the package at the address you provide. I will not ship until we both agree on a day and you verify that you will be present at the shipping address from 8 a.m. until the package is delivered. I also need your phone number and e-mail address before I can ship. Shipments are made based on the existing weather conditions here in Kentucky, at the Fedex Hub in Memphis, TN, and at the destination. We reserve the right to delay shipping until we deem that conditions are safe. We basically require overnight temperatures in Kentucky, Memphis, TN, and the destination city to be in the 30’s or warmer to safely ship. Heat and cold packs are used when we decide they are necessary and are used as directed by our shipper.