Ball Python Breeding Bonanza!

Coral Glow 100% Het Pied Breeds Pied 8 December 2015. Looks like a solid lock so fingers are crossed on this pairing! Genetic Banded Albino Breeds Banded 100% Het Albino 8 December 2015. This pair has produced 3 clutches and every one had at least one Paradox Albino, so I have high hopes for...

Albino Ball Python

Python Breeding Update And Colubrid Bonus.

Albino Carpet Python Courtship on 14 November 2015. Coral Glow Het Pied Breeding A Pied on 22 November 2015. A Breeding Pair of Banded Double Het Albino Pieds 22 November 2015. Yellowbelly Male Breeds Ivory Female 22 November 2015. Pastel Pinstripe Granite Breeds Super Pastel(Bell...

Albino Ball Python

Ball Pythons Available!

      Before I show what is ready for sale I would like to share the picture above. This Genetic Banded Female is 100% Het Albino and 100% Het Pied. She was bred by a male of the exact same genetics. I hope to beat the odds and hatch a Super Genetic Banded Albino...

Albino Ball Python

Coral Glow, Pied, And Hog Island Boas!

Clutch 15BPC16 Hatched 19 July 2015. Coral Glow 100% Het Pied X Het Pied. Here is a female Pied from the clutch that has already been sold. Another Female Pied still for sale. All the Coral Glows are males. This Litter of 13 Hog Island Boas was born on 17 July 2015. A few pairs have...

Coral Glow Het Pied

Coral Glow Het Pied Clutch.

Ball Python Clutch #115 has hatched on 29 May 2015. Coral Glow Het Pied X Normal Banded. The clutch results were: 1 male Paradox Coral Glow Het Pied. 2 male Coral Glow Het Pied. 3 male Coral Glow. 2 female Het Pied. 1 female Normal. Here is a close-up of the Paradox Coral Glow Het Pied. This...

Coral Glow Pied Ball Python

Coral Glow Pied Clutch!

2015 Ball Python Clutch #15BPC16 Laid 16 May. Coral Glow Het Pied X Het Pied. 7 Eggs Laid. All look good. This is going to be one heck of a clutch if I can hatch it. Looking forward to Coral Glow Pieds, Coral Glow Possible Het Pied, and Pieds. I will hold some back from this clutch, but will...

Coral Glow Pied Ball Python

Eggs And Metal, Metal And Eggs!!

On 28 March 2015 I discovered this Ball Python on eggs. This is Ball Python Clutch #115 and is the result of pairing a Coral Glow 100% Het Pied to a Normal. There were 9 viable eggs and 2 slugs. Half of the babies should be Coral Glow and half of the babies should be normal. Of the Coral Glows,...

Ball Pythons