November Update.

My Super Genetic Banded Paradox Albino Male is doing GREAT!  The sexed pair of Super Banded Albino Pieds have shed and taken their first meals. The Super Form from my Red Line JCP is doing GREAT! My available pages are updated and many snakes are now posted for sale. Now that November is...

Albino Banded Ball Python


Above is 2014 Male Citrus Super HCQ Tiger #HCxHCQ07. $600.00 Plus Shipping. Above is 2014 Female Citrus HCQ Tiger #HCxHCQ13. $400.00 Plus Shipping. Take the sexed pair of yearlings above for $1000.00 shipped. Above is 2014 Male Pastel 100% Het Lavender Albino #14PHL002. $749.95 Plus Shipping....

66% Het Albino Carpet Python