Colubrid Collage!

My sexed pair of Albino Nelson's Milk Snakes are looking great and should breed this spring. Above is a locality specific Black Rat Snake morph from Jefferson County, Kentucky from my Dixie Dumplin' Line. This is the base morph used to make the Lemon morph. This is an Albino Lemon...

Albino Lemon Rat Snake

Clutches Continue, Colubrids Copulate!

Pastel X Pied Laid 4 April 2015 Clutch #315.  Banded Albino X Het Albino 4 April 2015 Clutch#415. Paradox -Producing Pair. Kentucky Locality Corn Snake Breeding 6 April 2015.  Lemon Black Rats Breeding 6 April 2015. Both Het...

Ball Pythons