Ball Python Breeding Bonanza!

Coral Glow 100% Het Pied Breeds Pied 8 December 2015. Looks like a solid lock so fingers are crossed on this pairing! Genetic Banded Albino Breeds Banded 100% Het Albino 8 December 2015. This pair has produced 3 clutches and every one had at least one Paradox Albino, so I have high hopes for...

Albino Ball Python

Ball Pythons Available!

      Before I show what is ready for sale I would like to share the picture above. This Genetic Banded Female is 100% Het Albino and 100% Het Pied. She was bred by a male of the exact same genetics. I hope to beat the odds and hatch a Super Genetic Banded Albino...

Albino Ball Python

Coral Glow Het Pied Clutch.

Ball Python Clutch #115 has hatched on 29 May 2015. Coral Glow Het Pied X Normal Banded. The clutch results were: 1 male Paradox Coral Glow Het Pied. 2 male Coral Glow Het Pied. 3 male Coral Glow. 2 female Het Pied. 1 female Normal. Here is a close-up of the Paradox Coral Glow Het Pied. This...

Coral Glow Pied Ball Python