Breeding Updates And More!

Albino Carpet Python Breeding High Contrast Queensland Tiger Carpet Python 22 December 2015. Shooting for HCQ Tigers 100% Het Albino! A Breeding Pair of Congo Pastel Sapphires 22 December 2015. Hopes are high for a new morph in this clutch! Jolliff Axanthic Breeds Bell Pastel 22 December...

Albino Ball Python


Above is 2014 Male Citrus Super HCQ Tiger #HCxHCQ07. $600.00 Plus Shipping. Above is 2014 Female Citrus HCQ Tiger #HCxHCQ13. $400.00 Plus Shipping. Take the sexed pair of yearlings above for $1000.00 shipped. Above is 2014 Male Pastel 100% Het Lavender Albino #14PHL002. $749.95 Plus Shipping....

66% Het Albino Carpet Python

Paradox! Clutch #1015 Hatch 23 June 2015.

The first snake to pip in this clutch was the one above. Pastel Pinstripe at minimum! He Soon emerged and I thought he looked great! Then This Hatched. A Paradox Pastel Pinstripe Perhaps even a Super Pastel Pinstripe Paradox! Then on 23 June 2015 the entire clutch hatched. Note...

Paradox Ball Python