Breeding Updates And More!

Albino Carpet Python Breeding High Contrast Queensland Tiger Carpet Python 22 December 2015. Shooting for HCQ Tigers 100% Het Albino! A Breeding Pair of Congo Pastel Sapphires 22 December 2015. Hopes are high for a new morph in this clutch! Jolliff Axanthic Breeds Bell Pastel 22 December...

Albino Ball Python

Python Breeding Update And Colubrid Bonus.

Albino Carpet Python Courtship on 14 November 2015. Coral Glow Het Pied Breeding A Pied on 22 November 2015. A Breeding Pair of Banded Double Het Albino Pieds 22 November 2015. Yellowbelly Male Breeds Ivory Female 22 November 2015. Pastel Pinstripe Granite Breeds Super Pastel(Bell...

Albino Ball Python

Clutches Continue, Colubrids Copulate!

Pastel X Pied Laid 4 April 2015 Clutch #315.  Banded Albino X Het Albino 4 April 2015 Clutch#415. Paradox -Producing Pair. Kentucky Locality Corn Snake Breeding 6 April 2015.  Lemon Black Rats Breeding 6 April 2015. Both Het...

Ball Pythons