Busy Egg-Laying Season!!

The last few weeks have been very busy with both the climax of the egg-laying season and the climax of field research as well. I will share a little of both in this entry! This Spotted Python laid her clutch on 14 May 2016. All of my incubators are full so I opted to allow this female to...

Albino Ball Python

Spotted Yearling Pair and Pastel Female Balls!

2015 Female Spotted Python #15SP206. $79.95 Plus Shipping. 2015 Male Spotted Python #15SP205. $74.95. Take the sexed pair for $140.00 Plus Shipping. 2015 Female Pastel #15SNPF01. $64.95 Plus Shipping. Rat Eater! 2015 Female Pastel #JM1520. $64.95 Plus Shipping. Rat Eater! 2015 Female...

Kenyan Sand Boa

Early February Python Breeding!

Above is a High Contrast Queensland Tiger Carpet that was bred by one of my Albino Carpets and is now visibly gravid and hugging her water bowl as gravid snakes often do. She has not laid on her back yet, but I expect a clutch from her within 45 days or so. A proven male Pied breeding a first...

Albino Carpet Python

Breeding Updates And More!

Albino Carpet Python Breeding High Contrast Queensland Tiger Carpet Python 22 December 2015. Shooting for HCQ Tigers 100% Het Albino! A Breeding Pair of Congo Pastel Sapphires 22 December 2015. Hopes are high for a new morph in this clutch! Jolliff Axanthic Breeds Bell Pastel 22 December...

Albino Ball Python

Python Breeding Update And Colubrid Bonus.

Albino Carpet Python Courtship on 14 November 2015. Coral Glow Het Pied Breeding A Pied on 22 November 2015. A Breeding Pair of Banded Double Het Albino Pieds 22 November 2015. Yellowbelly Male Breeds Ivory Female 22 November 2015. Pastel Pinstripe Granite Breeds Super Pastel(Bell...

Albino Ball Python


Above is 2014 Male Citrus Super HCQ Tiger #HCxHCQ07. $600.00 Plus Shipping. Above is 2014 Female Citrus HCQ Tiger #HCxHCQ13. $400.00 Plus Shipping. Take the sexed pair of yearlings above for $1000.00 shipped. Above is 2014 Male Pastel 100% Het Lavender Albino #14PHL002. $749.95 Plus Shipping....

66% Het Albino Carpet Python

Paradox! Clutch #1015 Hatch 23 June 2015.

The first snake to pip in this clutch was the one above. Pastel Pinstripe at minimum! He Soon emerged and I thought he looked great! Then This Hatched. A Paradox Pastel Pinstripe Perhaps even a Super Pastel Pinstripe Paradox! Then on 23 June 2015 the entire clutch hatched. Note...

Paradox Ball Python