Ball Pythons Available!

      Before I show what is ready for sale I would like to share the picture above. This Genetic Banded Female is 100% Het Albino and 100% Het Pied. She was bred by a male of the exact same genetics. I hope to beat the odds and hatch a Super Genetic Banded Albino...

Albino Ball Python

Ball Python Clutches #1215 and #1415 Hatched!

Above is 2015 Ball Python Clutch #1215 Hatched 28 June. The babies are all Banded and 100% Double Het For Jolliff Line Snow. The Sire was a Banded Axanthic and the Dam was a Banded Albino.These are from my Paradox-Producing line. Each baby is a het for albino and a het for axanthic. Clutch...

Albino Banded Ball Python